Many times, I get asked a lot of questions about me, my YouTube Channel, my ponies, and more. So, here is a Frequently Asked Questions page to answer all of your questions! If you are wondering about something, just drop me a comment!


Pagie, when do you upload?

I usually upload a video, usually a funny skit or a review, on Wednesday, then an episode of my ongoing series, Saturdays With Blossomforth on Saturday. This may change though as I start working on new projects.

Can we be PFFs?

Sure we can! I am friends with everybody 🙂

What camera/video editor do you use?

My camera is a Sony Cybershot and I edit with Final Cut Pro X.

How many Mlp: Fim pony toys do you have?

Right now, I have around 150, though I am constantly purchasing more.

Where do you live/What’s your real name/How old are you/etc.?

Sorry, I don’t answer questions like that, it’s too personal. I can say though that I live in Los Angeles, my name is not Paige, and I’m older than 5. Sorry!

Can I have a shoutout/art?

Sorry, I don’t really do that!

Do you have a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Other Social Media?

Check out my links page for that and other info!

Got any more questions about me? Either comment or let me know at mlppageturner@gmail.com. Thanks!


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